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The ever liberated and liberated souls are always enjoying the supreme Lord Sriman Narayana in Sri Vaikundam. Although the souls living in this world are also eligible to have this enjoyment, they due to their sinful deeds, are unable to have such an experience; as a result, they live in this world. The Lord, with a view to correct the denizens of this world and receive their services, has out of compassion, manifested himself as Sri Rama and Sri Krishna.
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1000th Year of Azhwan
The 1000th year of Sri Koorathazhwan in this world was in the month of January in 2010 (i.e., in the Tamil Year "Virodhi" in the month of "Thai") under the asterism of "Hastha". All of us obtained a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this great event in a very grand manner.
Azwhaan Avadhaara Vishayam
Born year : Tamil year "Sowmya", English year 1010 A.D
Born Month: Tamil Month "THAI"
ThiruNakshathram: "Hastham"
1000th Year Completion: Tamil year "Virodhi", English year 2010.
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