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Even by such an effort, the Lord was unable to correct the human beings. So, he thought that they could be brought round and made serviceable only through other human beings. So, he thought that instead of correcting them from his supreme position as their master, it would be easier for him to do this by placing himself in a lower status as a subservient person. He also opined that instead of correcting them from the position of being their preceptor, it would be easier to correct them by himself becoming a disciple and thus practically implementing (His own teachings).

Accordingly, Sri Thiruvanantazhvan (Adisesha) manifested as Sri Ramanuja, while the Lord manifested himself in the village Kooram, as Sri Azhwan in the "Saumya" year in the month of Pushya under the asterism "Hastha".

Our tongues cannot sing the glory of Sri Koorathazhwan. He brought to light the secret teachings of the Upanishads through his compositions, Panchastavam. In compassion, he was like the Milky Ocean. He demonstrated in his life, the status to be assumed by a preceptor, as also the position to be adopted by a disciple. He was far beyond the reach of the three impediments viz., pride of family, pride of pelf and pride of erudition. He was also capable of taking others, who suffer from these three impediments, beyond their reach. He decided that for all people of this world, the lotus feet of Sri Ramanuja alone constitute the means of attaining the highest felicity (liberation).

Sri Koorathazhwan was hymed by a number of Acharyas such as Tiruvarangathu Amudanar in the song "Mozhiyaik - Kadakkum Perum Pugazhaan" (Iramanuja Nootrantaadi, V.7), by Sri Manavala Mamunigal in the verse "Vaacaam agocara - mahaguna - desolaagrya Kooraadhinaatha ..." ( Yatirajavaimsati, V.14) and by his grandson Naduvil Tiruveethip - pillai bhattar in the verse "Aachaaryavarya vibhaavasya cha Sishyavritteh Seemathi".

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